Meiko sets up new food waste business after inking deal with Swiss outfit

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Swiss firm Biotrans has joined the Meiko Group in a move that has led to the creation of a new business called Meiko GREEN Waste Solutions.

Biotrans, which is headed by CEO Patrick Hoffman, has developed products and services which complement Meiko’s own solutions for handling and processing food waste.

The two firms said it was a “natural” move for the businesses to join forces and exploit their synergies, because each company on its own would be too small to tackle the challenges of the future.

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The tie-up brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge of international hygiene standards across all areas of the foodservice industry.

Both companies also share the same philosophy, viewing kitchen and food waste as a valuable material that can be collected and processed by dedicated systems to allow the raw material to be reused for energy production.

Meiko said its international infrastructure, combined with its focus on customer service, will serve as a foundation for Meiko GREEN Waste Solutions to become a specialist provider of tailored individual food waste solutions for all types of foodservice operator, from cruise ships to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, care homes and staff feeding and event caterers.

“Meiko GREEN Waste Solutions brings ethical and sustainable solutions to food waste disposal for our customers,” said Mr Hoffmann. “Tailored to their exact needs, our solutions create a sustainable return from food waste, but also help to improve customers’ working processes, saving labour and boosting efficiency and improving hygiene in the workplace.”

Commitment to sustainability is a particular motivation shared by the partners, added Dr Ing, Stefan Scheringer, CEO of Meiko.

“Food waste is an important issue but it’s also problematic,” he said. “By using our innovative technology, we can make a contribution to solving this problem. And we can also contribute to valuable further utilisation, namely, to energy production. Apparent rubbish is thus turned into a precious raw material for energy production and this material is generated every day. It’s important to us to think in terms of generations, not quarters.”

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