Meiko introduces first bottle washing system compatible with existing machines

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The growing use of reusable water bottles within the restaurant sector has led Meiko to design a dedicated storage rack and adaptable wash system to keep them clean.

The special basket design features space for 16 bottles and fits into a MiClean undercounter dishwasher using an adaptor that allows the wash and rinse arms to be removed and the system connected.

“Reusable bottles are a huge thing and we have always wanted to try and make a system that would be compatible with our existing machines,” explained UK managing director Paul Anderson.

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“Predominantly it is based on a basket design, but the question was how do you get the water and the detergent – the rinse aid – inside the bottle? We have designed this rack that will allow us to do that and accommodate even the largest of bottles.”

Mr Anderson said the nature of the design meant it could guarantee that bottles will come out hygienically clean.

“We have actually got separate pipes, so the rinse aid and detergent are totally separate in terms of the pipework, which offers total cleanliness and clarity in the glass; others have got one pipe for both feeds.”

The racks are expected to be made available to UK customers within the next few weeks. At the moment, they only fit the MiClean, but Mr Anderson speculated that could change over time.

“I am sure in future it may work in the UPster range but really for the benefits and the GiO [reverse osmosis] system and the speed of operation, the MiClean range is by far the best suited.”

The baskets were shown at HRC last week, when Meiko’s new UPster range was also given an airing following a re-jig of its portfolio.

It now offers two ranges, rather than three, meaning its entry-level range is now actually what used to be its mid-level range, but at the entry price.

Mr Anderson said one benefit of this streamlining is that the entry level range is now fully programmable and features a superior build with RO throughout, without any increase in price.

“The previous entry model was based on old technology and as a company moving forward we wanted to make sure our newest technology is used. So by getting rid of that old technology in production, we are more efficient producing two ranges than we are three, which allows us to be able to show those savings and put it back into the market place.”

Additionally, HRC witnessed the launch of Meiko’s Green Waste Solutions business in the UK. As revealed by FEJ back in October, the unit harnesses sustainable food waste technology developed by Swiss firm Biotrans, which it acquired two years ago.

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