Meiko leads the way in driving greener kitchens

Green kitchen equipment is a topic close to Meiko’s heart – and that’s the reason the warewashing equipment giant is sponsoring the Operator of the Year for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability category at the 2018 FEJ Awards.   

With pressure on businesses to act as responsibly as possible when it comes to sustainability, not to mention the rising cost of energy bills, the focus on energy efficiency in commercial kitchens has never been greater.

The accolade will therefore pay tribute to the operators that are working hard to make their kitchens greener through the right practices, equipment and standards. 

Paul Anderson, managing director of Meiko UK, said: “Energy efficiency and sustainability are close to our heart at Meiko and a top priority when developing new products. Our new M-iClean H GiO clearly highlights this, with shorter wash cycles, quicker drying, lower costs, an 80% reduction in humidity and up to 21% lower energy consumption. So for Meiko to sponsor this category made perfect sense, and we are looking forward to seeing the entries.”

He added: “Now is a tough time for multi-site foodservice operators and the suppliers that serve them, so it is the right time to have an awards programme which highlights and celebrates the best of the industry and the innovations which are keeping it moving forward. By having operators and suppliers at the awards together, it shows the close bond and relationship both ends of the business need to succeed in these times.”

The FEJ Awards takes place at the Birmingham Metropole on Tuesday 5 June, the first evening of the Commercial Kitchen show.

Meiko will be at the event to unveil its latest products. “We’re excited to show our new, revolutionary, M-iClean H warewashing machine to the industry and demonstrate to multi-site operators how it will transform their business, especially in terms of ergonomics, energy efficiency and sustainability,” explained Mr Anderson. “Commercial Kitchen is the ideal platform for us to meet face to face in a relaxed atmosphere. To celebrate and network with the business at the FEJ Awards later on will be the icing on the cake.”

Shortlisted finalists for all award categories will be officially announced online soon.

Tickets for the event can be secured HERE.




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