Meiko sees its future being defined by green kitchens

Paul Anderson, managing director

Meiko UK boss Paul Anderson believes environmental concerns and issues are set to influence the company’s business more profoundly than ever before as it plots its future growth path.

The Slough-based outfit is celebrating 25 years in the UK market this year and the business has changed dramatically since its early days as an airline catering specialist.

Now with a headcount of nearly 100 people and sales close to £20m, the firm is one of the largest suppliers of professional warewashing equipment in the country.

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Mr Anderson credited his predecessor, Bill Downie, with creating a customer service-led culture and said that would continue to be the bedrock of the business going forward – but at the same time it has to evolve.

“Meiko has never sold ‘boxes’. We have always provided our customers with what we consider to be the best total package, backed by focused service and support and a sincere and genuine concern to secure the very best warewashing solution for the environment, as well as the customer,” Mr Anderson described.

“However, the next 25 years provide new and different challenges for Meiko. Our goals for the future are guided by our concern for the environment as much as business issues. There is a looming water crisis that will see shortages in the UK, and it will affect how the catering industry runs its business unless we do something now.”

Mr Anderson said the company was working closely with customers to design the most resource- and labour-efficient warewashing and food waste handling solutions.

“Meiko UK is looking to benchmark a more sustainable future and we are dedicated to helping our customers minimise their consumption of water, chemicals and energy. Meiko has always set the highest standards of customer service and after-sales care in the UK warewashing industry.

“The greatest service we can now perform for our customers is to do our utmost to protect the environment, while providing them with the best quality warewashing solutions.”

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