Meiko sticks it to Covid-19 by helping operators give reassurance to diners

Meiko Covid-19 inactivation sticker

Meiko UK has created a window sticker for users of its warewashing equipment so they can demonstrate to customers that their dishwasher inactivates Covid-19.

Stickers are available for owners of Meiko machines that have been recently serviced directly by Meiko or by a Meiko-approved distributor service contractor, or customers that have installed a new generation Meiko glass or dishwasher within the last six months, where commissioning service is part of the package.

“A properly maintained Meiko dishwasher is proven to inactivate Covid-19 and all the other food poisoning bacteria,” said Meiko UK marketing manager Mark Roberts.

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“The sticker provides reassurance to the public that their glassware, cutlery and crockery is perfectly safe to eat and drink from because the vendor’s warewashing equipment has been properly serviced and maintained.”

Meiko says it can guarantee the hygienically safe washing of dishes and cutlery, and earlier this year gained the endorsement of Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben, a leading hygienist and virologist.

He said: “Dishes and cutlery were and still are considered to be neuralgic points in foodservice. Therefore, every canteen, restaurant and facility that serves food to people must be able to wash in a hygienically safe manner. The pathogens do not cause any problems for a commercial Meiko dishwasher with the special agents used, the special washing mechanism and an increased water temperature.

“Meiko devices are able to process dishes and cutlery in such a way that they can be reused without hesitation, even if they have previously been used by infected or sick people.”

Distributor service partners and customers can claim stickers by contacting their Meiko regional sales manager or emailing

Proof in terms of invoices or service records will be required before stickers are issued.

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