Meiko UK ramps up food waste offer as ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ strategy sets tone for growth

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Meiko’s acquisition of Swiss food waste firm Biotrans is now beginning to serve up benefits for the UK market, with the company planning to roll out more of its solutions here, its UK managing director has confirmed.

The warewashing manufacturer snapped up the business last April after agreeing its systems – which allow raw material to be reused for energy production – were an ideal fit with its own sustainability focus.

The deal has led to Meiko setting up a ‘Green’ division focused on food waste and recycling, and it is replicating that model in the UK.

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“Biotrans is part of the Meiko group but it runs as a separate entity,” explained UK boss Paul Anderson. “So we have got specialists for ‘Meiko Green’ and specialists for ‘Meiko Blue’ – Blue being the warewashing. In the UK, Mick Jary [specification manager] will run both as one point of contact for the consultants and specification of Blue and Green. We feel it is important consultants see one person, not two. He is already doing that for Blue, so it makes perfect sense, but the beauty of this is that we have got new products to introduce.”

Mr Anderson said the business now has access to “very innovative” pump technology that efficiently grinds and processes food waste so that it can be reused for biomass or biofuel purposes.

He said a major benefit of the system was that it could “homogenise” waste at source or after the waste has been transferred to a central tank.

“A lot of people are trying to get rid of the waste in their kitchens as opposed to the sacks and the skips and the smell and the flies and everything else. With this you have got an opportunity create waste into further energy.”

Biotrans’ flagship product, the BioMaster, is currently under testing for WRAS compliance with a view to it being brought into the UK portfolio as soon as possible.

“I expect within the next three to six months, where we have vacuum systems and pump systems available already, we will be adding to those and we’ll be able to go from two metres to any distance,” said Mr Anderson.

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