Meiko waste disposal system wins consultants’ endorsement

WasteStar system

Warewashing manufacturer Meiko is celebrating after winning the FCSI’s Sustainable Catering Equipment Award for 2015.

The company impressed consultants with its WasteStar CC pumped waste disposal system, which can be retrofitted relatively simply to existing kitchens.

Bill Downie, managing director of Meiko UK, said the WasteStar system has a clear place in the market.

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“We are beginning to see a move away from traditional methods of food waste disposal such as macerating units and bio-digestion systems that discharge the material into the main sewer system, into a nation that is embracing kerbside collection of food waste and the sustainable benefits this can deliver,” he said.

“By utilising the latest generation of organic food waste handling and transport systems, traditional food waste bins holding can be totally eliminated from the kitchen floor plan and no food waste needs be sent to landfill.”

Meiko says the WasteStar CC is a clean and simple solution for restaurants, hotels, staff canteens, student cafeterias, hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities. Food waste and organic leftovers are simply tipped into the chute and the built-in macerator will shred it into a homogeneous biomass, forming a valuable substrate.

This mixture is periodically pumped into a separate collection tank to await removal. Tankers collect the biomass and transport it to biogas, composting or sewage plants, creating a sustainable recycling loop.

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