Menu System steps up induction offering to give chefs greater cooking control

Trevor Burke, founder

Exclusive Ranges is now offering the latest induction technology innovation from Menu System to the UK.

Celsius Class is now installed in every induction suite made by the Swiss manufacturer and offers operators and chefs the ultimate in precision cooking and energy management.

With three independent modes and Turn & Push operation, the new multi-mode controller provides chefs with complete control over the cooking process.

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The power mode offers speed and efficiency with the potential to reach boiling temperatures quickly, meaning that equipment does not need to be left on for long periods.

While the temperature control function allows chefs to set and hold food at the right temperature, to the exact degree; using Hall-effect sensors, chefs can monitor the temperature of the food as well as the induction, to achieve consistent results.

Additionally, Blueline induction allows operators to track energy usage in real-time via a connection to energy optimisation system, DIN 18875.

Detecting temperature changes of just one tenth of a degree, the accurate monitoring helps operators to optimise efficiency, avoid power surges and reduce energy costs.

Trevor Burke, managing director and founder of Exclusive Ranges, said: “The Celsius Class technology addresses the main challenges chefs have in the kitchen – speed, precision and efficiency – all the while improving occupational health and safety.

“Precision cooking enables chefs to showcase the best their ingredients have to offer and maintain quality across every service. Whether simmering a sauce or searing a steak, the new temperature holding technology means that the same perfectly prepared dish is produced every time, at any point during service, no matter which team member is preparing it.”

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