Mibrasa combines charcoal and firewood cooking to create ‘ultimate grilling system’

Mibrasa Fire Series 1

Mibrasa has added to its popular Parrilla open grill range with the new Fire Series, which combines charcoal and firewood cooking to create a compelling live fire grilling appliance. 

The Parrilla Fire Series is built using quality steels providing strength and durability and has been ergonomically designed for practicality and ease of use.

The base is lined with refractory bricks to ensure maximum heat efficiency and complete thermal insulation in the grilling area – whilst the built-in air circulation system reduces the transmission of high temperatures from the burning pit to ensure the safety of the chef.

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Michael Eyre, culinary director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions, which represents the brand in the UK, said: “With an extensive cooking surface and state of the art, auto-brake elevating system suspended over the open fire, the new Parrilla Fire by Mibrasa offers maximum versatility.

“Chefs can effortlessly regulate the height of the grill surface thanks to the carefully engineered pulley cable and counterweight system, so they can sear, cook and rest ingredients to obtain optimal results.

“With a sloping grill, the grease runs down the weld-free grill bars, thereby preventing grease build-up, and down to the collector where an easy to remove mechanism allows for simple cleaning. The integrated fire basket means chefs can burn wood when required, to infuse the food with the unmistakable aromas of natural wood or other flavours, in addition to providing steady heat from the coals.”

A host of additional features make the Parrilla Fire Series the ultimate grilling system for chefs.

These include a vertical cooking rack from which ingredients can be hung to play with the heat from the coals or the flames and suspended heating racks optimise residual heat from the grill to rest ingredients or Mibrasa kitchenware.

The Parilla Fire is made up of three models: the 1637mm wide GMB 160 Fire; the 2077mm wide GMB 200 Fire, and GMB 252 Fire at 2520mm wide.

A selection of accessories are also available, including stands, casters, a gastronorm pan kit and an Espeto kit which is ideal for cooking fish and seafood.

Mibrasa – The craftsmen of charcoal cooking

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