Mibrasa rolls out Japanese grill to UK kitchens

Mibrasa Robatayaki grill

Mibrasa has launched a Robatayaki grill to the UK market for the first time through sole distribution partner Ascentia. 

The multi-tier open grill model is inspired by the centuries-old Japanese style of cooking and powered by charcoal. It is equipped with various accessories to perform a range of cooking techniques such as grilling, teppanyaki, skewer cooking and slow roasting.

The equipment is manufactured using stainless steel, with the same quality as heavy duty Mibrasa charcoal oven.

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Ascentia claims the appliance lends itself to cooking a variety of different foods from meat and fish to vegetables, and while it is inspired by the Japanese style it is seeing it cross over to that American-style fire pit barbecuing that’s also getting very popular.

“It’s a truly beautiful piece of equipment and perfect for open, theatre-style kitchens. It will make an excellent addition to any professional kitchen where grilling plays a part on the menu,” says Ascentia development chef Scott Park.

The Mibrasa Robatayaki comes in two different models, one with fixed tiers and the other with an adjustable middle tier. Each model can also come in three different sizes with numerous accessories, making it one of the most flexible and versatile robata grills on the market.

Mr Park said Ascentia has a Robatayaki grill installed at its development kitchen in Cambridgeshire.


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