Microwave pioneer seeks customers’ input on patent

Patrick Bray

The British company behind an award-winning microwave cavity protector are calling on customers to share their views on a new enhancement to the product that it is working on.

The directors of Regale Microwave Ovens have been awarded another 20-year patent on a further addition shelf design for the ‘Microsave Cavity Liner’, which was created to help restaurants overcome microwave cleaning and maintenance issues.

The idea is for a removable shelf to fit a modified “mark two” version of the existing range to the already patented Cavity Liner tools.

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The shelf itself will have a circular type venting system so that steam from the under-shelf does not accumulate on the underneath of the shelf but passes through to the steam exhaust.

Patrick Bray, managing director of the company, is appealing to customers to come forward with their views on the development.

“We need our current customers and all users of the Microsave to let us know their opinion of the viability of such a shelf,” he said. “Although the patents are very expensive, the actual tools to make such a feature to our range is extremely expensive and therefore we need to do a great deal of market research to establish if such an invention would be a viable proposition and wanted in the UK market place.”

He added: “If any Microsave Cavity Liner users could give us feedback on the viability — as the actual compact microwave cavities are only approximately 19 litres — it would be greatly appreciated.”

Bray said customers could get in touch with their input by emailing

Daewoo 1850w cw MicroSaveRegale Microwave Ovens recently purchased 50% of the shares in Cavity Protection Systems, which exclusively distributed the liners, and is currently in the process of buying the remaining shares.

When completed the company will become fully amalgamated within Regale and will be known as Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd incorporating Cavity Protection Systems. Full intellectual property, logos, trade names, NSF registration, stock holdings and tools are all being transferred legally to Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd.

CPSL will then cease to trade and will no longer be selling the Microsave Cavity Liner or other equipment.

Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd will have exclusivity of the Panasonic and Daewoo Microsave Cavity Liners, which will only be sold to clients of Regale Microwave Ovens who purchase their microwave ovens from Regale, giving their clients an advantage over their competitors.

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