MKN combi oven scores well in database tracking environment impact of catering equipment

MKN FlexiCombi MagicPilot

MKN’s FlexiCombi MagicPilot combi oven has outscored its rivals in several categories in the HKI CERT Commercial Catering Equipment online database.

The database equipment was created in Germany as a central information source on the energy consumption of appliances of leading manufacturers of catering equipment.

MKN’s combi oven has a triple glazed door, heat exchanger and GreenInside feature designed to lower and monitor power consumption and heat loss.

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GreenInside shows operators just how much energy and water has been used during each cooking process and records the total consumption over the life of the product.

This provides transparency in energy and water consumption, with the figures displayed directly on the touch display following each cooking process to make full cost accounting possible to control economic efficiency in energy use.

The FlexiCombi’s triple glazed door offers a potential energy saving of up to 28% compared to previous MKN combi steamers, the company claims, while the heat exchanger can save around 1 kWh of energy per operating hour compared with previous MKN technology.

“Put simply, if you used the FlexiCombi for eight hours, three hours steaming veg, potatoes and rice, for example, and five hours convection cooking, you could save more than £400 a year on energy costs thanks to the insulated triple glazing and heat exchanger alone,” MKN states.

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