MKN innovation wins plaudits from consultants

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Catering equipment manufacturer MKN is in high spirits after its FlexiChef multifunction cooking system landed an innovation award that is only given out once every five years.

The accolade, from the German VdF professional consultants association, was awarded to the brand, which also makes combi ovens, after the product impressed judges with its advanced technology and innovative features.

They hailed the space- and time-saving benefits of the device, as well as its potential to lower overall operating expenses.

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Stuart Long, UK sales and marketing director for MKN, said: “This is a prestigious award which recognises unique and prominent achievements, as well as products which are set to ensure long-term success within the professional and community catering industry. We are delighted to see the FlexiChef win the award as it continues to make life easier in commercial kitchens.”

FlexiChef 2The FlexiChef, which has also secured the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ title from the FCSI in the past year, can cook a complete dish with different time and temperature requirements concurrently, a significant development in recent times, according to the firm.

It is suitable for everything from grilling, roasting, and frying to boiling and simmering, with a 50 litre machine purportedly capable of producing the equivalent cooking capacity as a machine three times its size.

Features of the fully programmable horizontal cooking appliance include the energy saving TurboPowerBlock to the automatic pressure cleaning system SpaceClean, and a tablet computer style unit for today’s IT requirements.

The award of the Dr.-Georg-Triebe prize came as the VdF celebrated its 25th anniversary. It only gives out the award every five years.

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