Monika guarantees kitchen compliance with cloud solution that leaves chefs assured

Monika wireless temperature monitoring

Ensuring food is at a safe temperature at every stage from when it arrives on premises to when it is served to customers is critical to avoiding food-borne illness and the disastrous consequences that come with it – and now the latest technology can ensure that process is water-tight. 

Many businesses still rely on manual recording, requiring staff members to write down the temperatures of equipment multiple times a day.

However, temperature monitoring specialist Monika insists that this can be time-consuming and does not always hold up to scrutiny, which is why it created MonikaPrime, a cloud-based food safety suite with an Equipment Management module which monitors temperatures continuously by collecting data from sensors installed among the food within a cabinet.

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The sensors simulate the temperature of the food and trigger alarms when this moves out of safe range.

If only air temperatures are monitored — for instance by reading a unit’s digital display — there is a large margin for error as food is typically slow to react to air temperature changes.

UK sales director, Rag Hulait, said: “Imagine the cost and inconvenience if you arrive at your restaurant one morning and find your walk-in freezer malfunctioned overnight, and everything is already ruined. Or, what if there has been a power outage and you have no idea how long the equipment has been off for, and therefore whether the food inside is still safe?

“This is a dilemma many chefs would not want to face, and the good news is that with automatic monitoring they won’t have to.”

Temperatures are recorded 24 hours/7 days per week, so users can also identify failing equipment, allowing stock to be saved. And, for multi-site restaurant chains, powerful supporting software allows equipment performance to be analysed across the estate, helping to plan and prioritise maintenance.

The MonikaPrime suite also includes a Team Management solution, which uses a Bluetooth Smart Probe paired with a Smart PA — a handheld android device — to record temperatures of food items at all stages of the cooking process. Software prompts users to perform other food safety tasks such as cleaning, and allows them to register deliveries, record staff training and log occurrences.

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