Mono Equipment adds new ovens to 2015 range

Mono Equipment

Bakery machinery specialist Mono Equipment has introduced the Two-Pocket Roll Plant which is capable of delivering up to 3,200 bread rolls per hour.

A year and a half of testing and refinement has produced what the company says is one of the most efficient and accurate roll plants available on the market today.

The Two-Pocket Roll Plant is designed to produce a wide range of rolls with a weight range of between 30g to 90g. A single operator can work the machine using the simple Colour Touch Screen Controller.

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Dough is placed into the 15kg hopper and is fed through by star rollers with minimum pressure, preventing any warming of the dough.

The dough pieces are then automatically cut and rounded in the same chamber, while the integrated flour duster prevents the dough from sticking throughout the dividing and moulding process.

The addition of the optional Mono Roll Forming Unit turns the Roll Plant into a versatile roll production centre, enabling it to create a range of finger, petit pan and hamburger rolls.



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