Merrychef ovens allow for menu expansion at trendy London hotel brand Moxy

Merrychef at Moxy Stratford

London never stops. It doesn’t even slow down, and neither does Moxy

Situated in the trendy metropolitan district of Stratford, Moxy Belvar sits beside an array of popular east-end tourist destinations such as the famous Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and shopping haven Westfield Stratford making it an ideal location for a range of customers with varying needs.

Since the Moxy hotel chain was founded by Belvar in 2014, 13 luxury, yet affordable hotels have opened across the globe with an aim to appeal to the fast-paced X&Y generation.

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Known for their modern design and approach, the Moxy group understand the importance of brand continuity throughout all areas of their hotels, from the website, the buildings, the bedrooms, and of course, the bars, which are “the central social hubs” within Moxy hotels as Sheila Azimian Captain at Moxy Belvar, Stratford, begins: 

“At Moxy, we like to think of our hotel as a bar with bedrooms on top which makes us somewhat unique within the industry. The idea behind the brand is to offer a unique experience to Moxy guests by creating a lively, welcoming atmosphere that would not only encourage visitors to stay with us, but also socialise, relax, drink and eat with us at our 24 hour bar!”

In order to better achieve this, Moxy Belvar, Stratford, recently rejuvenated their bar food menu, by expanding their simple flat bread offering in to a varied snack style menu.

Having worked with the Moxy group since 2017, Sheila thoroughly understands the core needs of the Moxy customer, with a speedy service behind the bar being as important as the speedy service of the hotel itself:

“Finding a catering solution that would enable us to offer a wide variety of quick and delicious snacks and meals was paramount for Moxy Stratford due to the fast paced nature of our customers. So, when we were introduced to the high speed Merrychef eikon e2s, we were thrilled!

Since using the e2s, we have been able to expand and improve our menu dramatically! In fact, customers are now able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a late night snack at Moxy thanks to the e2s, with our new menu now featuring delicious and popular options such as French toast, omelettes, chicken wings, nachos, pizza and curry!”

At Moxy Belvar, Stratford, two Merrychef eikon e2s units are responsible for the entire food menu – a menu which now extends to over 20 dishes, thus proving the vast versatility and capability of the e2s.

Once the Merrychef eikon e2s units were installed, it not only allowed the Stratford branch to offer a wider variety of menu options, but it also meant a vast improvement to the quality of the food, as well as the speed – an improvement that immediately became apparent to both staff and customers as Shelia explains:

“As well as our bar staff commenting on how easy the e2s units are to use, thanks to the pre-set icons proving particularly useful, our regular customers have also noticed a dramatic improvement to catering at Moxy Stratford with comments about how impressed they have been with the speed and standard of food being made.”

As the Merrychef units are placed front of house, customers are also able to see their food being cooked right before their eyes – A placement which has encouraged further food sales:

“Having the Merrychef eikon e2s front of house definitely adds to the appeal of the menu we offer, with many customers that perhaps weren’t initially intending to eat becoming encouraged to do so thanks to this unique and visual catering process! As well as this, the stylish black exterior of the e2s perfectly blends with the monochrome exterior of our bar meaning the overall aesthetic of the area is enhanced rather than disrupted.”

Since the Merrychef has been installed, Sheila delights that catering at Moxy Belvar, Stratford has transformed:

“Without the Merrychef eikon e2s, it would be impossible to offer the same standard of food at such a high speed! All of our staff, no matter their skill set, are able to create consistently delicious options for our customers by the simple touch of the screen – it’s truly brilliant!”

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