Nando’s submits plans for ‘next generation’ green restaurant

Nando’s Soho

Restaurant chain Nando’s is promising a “fresh take” on its concept after submitting plans to open a third store in Cambridge.

The chain is aiming to build a restaurant that uses more sustainable and cleaner materials, and employ better design processes to reduce the carbon impact. It is also vowing to include technologies that will mean the restaurant can be run more efficiently.

According to the Cambridge News, architects Urban Edge and planning consultants Montagu Evans said in their application that they plan to measure the carbon impact of the materials used and adopt alternatives where possible to reduce this, measure it for the build and also the fit-out of the interior design.

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The statement said: “We have and will continue to engage with our operators to make sure that what we are building is suitable to allow for staff and customer engagement with the environmental aspect, that we look at our on-going energy consumption and waste management as well as looking at all lessons learned at this site when we move on to a future/next generation restaurant.

“We have spent a lot of time, effort and money to engage with our development team and sustainability consultants to ensure we are building a ‘next generation’ restaurant that we can be proud of.”

The paper said that a decision will be made by the city council as to whether to approve the application in the coming weeks.

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