New chefs’ association launched to tackle challenges heightened by Covid-19

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A new body called the Ethical Chefs’ Association (ECA) has been launched to alleviate suffering caused by food poverty in the UK.

Led by a group of leading hospitality chefs in conjunction with EP Business in Hospitality, the alliance was born from a desire to help support and reduce the number of families across the country affected by hunger and lack of food.

It is reported that five million families across the UK are facing food poverty right now and the numbers are rising daily alongside the continued threat of Covid-19.

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The association is made of up leading chefs that want to develop an agenda for change.

They believe that food can serve as a force to bring people together and create the level of social change that is needed.

Chris Sheppardson, CEO at EP Business in Hospitality, said: “There is genuine trust in chefs who have a passion for food and service. There is also a growing desire for more industry collaboration fuelled by the growing crisis that we all face together.

“This is about culinary professionals who are usually in competition, putting those personal agendas aside and working together towards a bigger picture for the greater good.”

The ECA will operate with a two-pronged approach: to lobby companies within the hospitality industry to provide support, and for individual members to offer their services and chefs to support local food projects, food banks, family centres and meal distribution, thereby reducing the number of families facing hunger and food poverty.

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