New device cuts ice machine bacteria growth

Ice-O-Matic ice machines

Ice-O-Matic has introduced a device to its ice machines that proclaims to “significantly reduce” bacteria growth throughout the entire ice path, from machine to dispenser.

The ‘03-Matic ozone delivery system’ infuses ozone into incoming water, killing microbes on every surface it touches and retarding future growth.

In addition, the ozone becomes entrapped in the ice cubes, carrying the same sanitation benefits to the bin and dispenser. eco3ice_cam_4x6-1

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The company, which is owned by the Ali Group, says that introducing ozone increases intervals between sanitising, impedes microbial growth while continually sanitising the ice-making system, and diminishes mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses.

Ozone also improves the taste and eliminates odour in iced drinks, it claims.

The Ice-O-Matic’s O3-Matic is designed for modular cube ice makers and can be retrofitted to all existing units.

“The O3-Matic will reduce expensive sanitising cycles, and contribute to the overall food safety of the establishment,” stated Keith Kelly, president of Ice-O-Matic. “This device doesn’t eliminate the need for regular cleaning and sanitation, but it does increase efficacy and extend sanitising intervals. We believe the O3-Matic will allow users to provide the cleanest ice possible.”

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