Adventys steps up induction cooking offering

Grande Cuisine has unveiled the Adventys GL2-6000 range of induction units, which it says promise “even greater output” than the previous 3000 range.

The GL2-6000FB twin induction hob is designed to operate with two, large, single pans front and back, and offers an output of 3kw per zone.

The stainless steel unit has a flush fitted, wipe clean vitro-ceramic top and a simple glass touch control panel with a manual setting feature, plus 20 pre-set power settings and a 99 minute timer.

Measuring 370mm wide x 730mm deep x 139mm high, the hob is designed for all types of cooking and has built-in safety features including overheat and boil-over sensors, and an empty pan detector.

The GLP2-6000 unit is a two-zone side-by-side induction plancha designed to cook at a low controlled temperature in order to preserve the quality, taste and texture of the food, avoiding over cooking or burning.

Two 3kw induction hobs with a touch control fascia offer all the advantages of table-top induction plancha cooking with two separate cook zones. The unit, measuring 694mm wide x 470mm deep x 265mm high, has a glass touch control panel, manual temperature setting, automatic turn off mode and a high temperature indicator. Precise temperature control is achieved with 12 pre-set temperature settings ranging from 30°C-250°C.

Units can be connected to either a 6kW 240v single-phase electrical supply or 6kW 400v three phase electrical supply, at the time of delivery and installation, aimed at offering total flexibility.




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