New menu tech keeps kitchens compliant in wake of allergen regs

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Kafoodle Kitchen is vowing to help casual dining operators improve the profitability of their business with the roll-out of specialist software that simplifies menu management.

The company’s allergen compliance menu management system was created to support operators in meeting  new labelling legislation that was introduced at the end of last year.

The cloud-based offering automatically highlights allergens and calculates the nutrition in any dish, while also providing chefs with an easy-to-use online system to manage ingredients as well as write, store and share recipes across multiple menus and outlets.

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What makes Kafoodle Kitchen different to other similar systems is that it is connected directly to the front- of-house staff and diners who can access each dish via a tablet or computer instantly to advise the customer on any allergens present in the meal.

The technology was created by Kim Antoniou after her husband suffered a severe allergic reaction while dining out. With a background in software development she teamed up with business partner Tarryn Gorre, who has worked for hospitality business such as Conran, Caesar’s Entertainment and D&D London, and who also recognised a need to make allergy compliance easy.

The pair have also launched the Kafoodle App. It serves as the consumer-facing side of Kafoodle Kitchen and is the first restaurant app that diners can log in, note their allergens and then search for suitable restaurants that cater exactly to their dietary needs.

All restaurants using Kafoodle Kitchen are listed on the app – the idea that allowing customers to see what exactly is in a dish on the menu benefits both parties. It shares the menu in real time with prospective diners, effectively acting as an additional marketing tool for restaurant businesses.

“Our aim is to get to a stage where we can create a trust between the F&B industry and allergy sufferers and that ultimately people can go to a Kafoodle restaurant that’s using the system and use the app and eat in confidence,” said Antoniou.

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