PRODUCT FOCUS: Adande Sarma Cabinet with Aircell

Adande Sarma with Aircell

The perfect solution for supermarkets and food-to-go outlets looking for efficient and sustainable refrigeration solutions, the Adande Sarma with Aircell is next generation hardware that addresses today’s big questions.

The Adande Sarma cabinet with Aircell is a new open-fronted cabinet designed to deliver at least 30% energy savings together with a significant reduction in food wastage thanks to Adande’s patented Aircell airflow management technology.

The new technology means the Aircell cabinet bears the hallmark of Adande in that it delivers both a stable holding temperature and stable humidity. This ensures food in the cabinet is preserved at optimum quality for longer, reducing the potential for waste, whilst using at least a third less energy than traditional open-fronted cabinets.

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The efficiency of the Adande Aircell cabinets negate the need for glass-doors, meaning customers can choose goods not only unhindered but without the need to touch the much-used doors and handles.

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