Gram Eco Plus KG10

Boasting the same award-winning credentials as fifth generation Eco Plus models, yet with a transparent new twist, the innovative Gram Eco Plus KG140 accomplishes what the market once deemed to be an impossible task: a glass door storage refrigerator that boasts excellent efficiencies.

In fact, so efficient is the Climate Class 5 classified Eco Plus KG140 that it has been listed in the’s energy efficiency ranking.

Unlike conventional storage refrigerators, the Eco Plus KG140 provides caterers with a clear view of the contents of their fridge without the need to open the cabinet door.

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This not only reduces the amount of times the refrigerator door is opened throughout prep and service, but also encourages productivity and enhances the aesthetic of the commercial kitchen.

Complete with vast storage capacity, efficient air circulation, low noise consumption and a multitude of hygiene-led features, this double door refrigerator truly ticks all the boxes for large restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries.

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