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Bakerlux SpeedPro

The first ever baking speed oven, the Bakerlux Speed.Pro is designed to save kitchen space, combing the performance of both convection and high-speed ovens in one piece of equipment.

Designed for various operations in commercial settings including retail, the Speed.Pro accelerates cooking times by offering triple cooking; convection, for external golden browning; microwave, for fast internal heating; and conduction, for crusty toasting by contact.

This compact unit offers a choice of Bake mode for baking up to 27 croissants in 16 minutes or other delicate products thanks to the two-speed reversing fan, or Speed mode, where the oven can be used to rapidly heat and toast up to four sandwich in 75 seconds, all with a uniform finish, every time.

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How much does it cost operators to keep customers waiting? The performance benefits and return on investment are demonstrated through the Speed.Pro’s impressive capabilities.

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