PRODUCT FOCUS: Unox Cheftop and Bakertop Mind.Maps Plus

Bakertop Mind.Maps combi oven

The Unox range of intelligent combi ovens with Cheftop Mind.Maps for gastronomy and Bakertop Mind.Maps for pastry are packed with enhanced performance features to help save time and money, providing the best result and versatility every single day.

All models include Data Driven Cooking technology, giving chefs access to a wealth of information to improve productivity and efficiency, enhance safety, optimise water and energy efficiency and even eliminate waste to maximise profits.

Kitchen staff can collect data, analyse the mode of use, as well as send or download cooking programmes or HACCP data to any oven in any part of the world.

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The most recent addition to the range is the Cheftop Mind.Map Big Plus, perfect for high production kitchens.

It is stronger, harder, faster and better than any other comparative combi ovens providing a maximum capacity up to 180kg of food and able to preheat from 30°C to 300°C in 4.5 minutes.

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