Valoriani’s ‘oven on wheels’ targets UK street food scene

Valioriani trailer oven

Linda Lewis Kitchens has launched the ‘Valoriani Trailer Oven’ in a bid to put more Italian cuisine on the street food map in 2016.

The high-performance and environmentally complaint trailer oven can cook between five and nine artisan pizzas at once, making it is an ideal choice for mobile caterers seeking a fast turnaround of food to satisfy the lunchtime office trade, festival goers or wedding guests.

The oven can be used to cook anything from roast meat and bread, to fish, potatoes and desserts making it a versatile option for those wishing to maximise both presence and profits at street food markets and events. It is also ideal for Italian restaurants and pubs currently operating a pizza menu indoors and wishing to attract further custom through outdoor catering and product sampling.

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Designed by the Tuscan wood-fired pizza oven manufacturer, the trailer is specifically designed to carry a Valoriani Igloo Professional oven and is protected during transit.

The Igloo is manufactured from Valoriani’s unique ‘cotto’ clay which contains exactly the right amount of alumina for the firing of refractory brick. It is also the first transpiring oven that could discharge moisture produced during the baking process. The Igloo used in the Valoriani trailer comes with a red dome, making it highly visible and attractive for those catering outdoors.

The oven is DEFRA certified and compliant with environmental regulations.

Linda Lewis Kitchens’ managing director, Linda Lewis, says: “There are fifty regular street food markets currently listed at The Nationwide Caterer’s Association’s website, and NCASS currently has 2800 members operating more than 7000 street food units around the UK. This on-trend style of catering is likely to continue to grow and the Valoriani Trailer Oven is a new option for those looking for something that will be hugely popular, offer good margins and produce the appealing wood-fired aroma that helps attract customers.”

Lewis added: “We are excited about the possibilities for this trailer oven and believe that, thanks to its environmental accreditation from DEFRA, it will become the outdoor oven to which mobile caterers currently operating illegal wood ovens, or emission-heavy charcoal ovens, will turn.”

Two sizes of oven are available, the 120 with internal dimensions of 1200x1200mm and the 140 measuring 1400x1400mm.

Linda Lewis Kitchens, and its partner in the UK’s only pizza demonstration kitchen, Orchard Ovens, have exclusive rights over Valoriani equipment in Britain.

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