Night porter who smashed up kitchen equipment says “number of incidents built up”

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A hotel night porter caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to kitchen equipment after going on the rampage out of sheer frustration.

Edward Woods said he “lost it” while on duty at Larkfield Priory Hotel in Maidstone, destroying two fridges, an oven, breakfast table and three beer pumps.

He also destroyed 21 windows, six doors, computer screens and Covid barriers with a metal bracket during the incident on 25 July. Management claim his actions caused £94,000 of damage.

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The 49-year-old said the outburst came after he was asked to do jobs he wasn’t trained for, including working as a chef, and being warned for refusing to charge NHS workers to use a lunch plate during the crisis. At the time, Woods was a live-in night porter at the hotel.

Woods appeared at Medway Magistrates’ Court last week, where he pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property over the value of £5,000. He also pleaded guilty to causing £2,500 of damage to a car belonging to a hotel manager.

He disputes the £94,000 cost associated with the rampage and has requested an independent assessment. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Kent Online reported that Woods spoke outside of court and accepted responsibility for his actions, but criticised the hotel for its part in causing the incident.

He said: “It came about after a number of incidents which built up and I lost it. It’s completely out of character for me to do something like that; anyone I know or worked with at the hotel will tell you that.

“I’m just a night porter and had been asked to do things I wasn’t trained for, such as covering for a chef, and staff weren’t treated well. It all just built up and I had enough.”

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