Nisbets grows sustainable catering range as grab-and-go culture explodes

Fiesta Green disposable cups

Nisbets has extended its Fiesta Green range with a series of new disposables including plates, cutlery, skewers and containers made of a variety of compostable and biodegradable materials such as palm leaf, bamboo, and birch and poplar wood.

With the grab-and-go market on the rise and set to grow by 3% to a value of £21 billion this year, Nisbets is expecting big demand for sustainable packaging as consumers become more conscious of their waste habits.

The Fiesta Green range is made from carbon-saving plant-based materials and sustainably sourced paper.

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Richard Cromwell, commercial director at Nisbets, said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, and as such, are seeking to purchase from out of home outlets that demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Subsequently, manufacturers such as Nisbets have a duty to provide products that meet this demand. The growing Fiesta Green product range allows operators to responsibly package food-to-go items reducing waste sent to landfill.”

The range also includes compostable straws, hot cups and lids, ice cream spoons, hot food-to-go cones and more.

Mr Cromwell said the ranges uses sturdy plant-based materials as linings, with CPLA to handle hot products in place of plastic, making it the perfect alternative to traditional disposables.

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