Nisbets survey reveals Britain’s most popular pub menu item

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The classic Sunday roast has been crowned Britain’s favourite pub grub, according to new research from Nisbets. 

Almost one in five of those surveyed by the catering equipment supplier admitted that they would choose a roast over any other dish on the menu (17%). Fish and chips were a close second (13%) followed by steak and chips (12%).

Those in Belfast are breaking the mould with more of taste for food inspired from overseas. The club sandwich came out as top choice (20%), followed by lasagne (19%) and fish and chips (15%).

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The research also looked at what Brits consider the most important aspect of eating out.

Quality of produce is key for nearly half of Brits (43.5%), followed by value for money (33%). Although for 18-25s, 40% admit value for money is crucial.

Aesthetically-pleasing meals were of least importance to respondents – only 2% said this was the most important aspect of a meal in a pub restaurant.

25-34 year-olds are the most avid pub goers with 17% dining out several times a week, followed by one in ten 18-24 year-olds.

Once a month is the optimum number of times for most age groups to visit the pub for a meal with one in three from every age group admitting they go this often.

The survey also asked Brits’ opinions when it comes to food presentation.

67% of those surveyed said that their preference is to have food served on plates rather than anything too gimmicky.

Other causes of irritation were foods served in items of clothing eg. Bread in a flat cap, drinks served in shoes and being served sauce in a tray or not being served enough sauce.

Portion size is also a consideration for people when eating out with one in four Brits admitting that they eat more in a restaurant than they would at home.

For those who struggle to finish the bigger portions, asking to take our leftovers home is something of a taboo with one in ten admitting they would be too embarrassed to ask.

Nisbets said: “It’s great to see that quality of produce is such a big factor for so many consumers as chefs are more conscious than ever of the quality and source of the ingredients they use. For consumers to be so aware just goes to show that this message about produce being key is filtering down.

“When it comes to presentation, consumers prefer a simpler approach – not too many additional extras on the plate and let the ingredients to do the talking.”

Britain’s top five favourite pub dishes

  1. Sunday roast
  2. Fish & chips
  3. Steak & chips
  4. Hunters chicken
  5. Scampi

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