Nisbets undertakes review of its catering equipment store portfolio

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Nisbets is carrying out customer research to assess whether it needs to adapt its retail stores and better understand what role they have to play in its future growth strategy.

The company hopes the review will provide it with valuable insight to how customers view its bricks and mortar outlets following a period of rapid expansion.

Nisbets has launched more than 30 stores over the past three years, targeting major UK cities with large populations and a vibrant restaurant scene. Its showrooms typically stock more than 2,000 product lines and are framed at cooking enthusiasts as well as the trade.

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Although the expansion of its store network was never expected to continue at such an aggressive pace once locations had been secured in all the primary UK cities, observers have suggested the store opening programme is slowing down.

Asked if that was the case, CEO Klaus Goeldenbot implied the company was taking stock of the situation before making any further moves.

“We are reviewing what the future of the store programme is,” he explained. “It has been a real success element of the Nisbets growth story and we are literally, at the moment, in the process of asking our customers how they see stores going forward and what they want to use them for to review what the right concept is for the future.”

Mr Goeldenbot noted that that there was significant transformation taking place in the wider retail market at the moment and said it was important for Nisbets to ensure that it is keeping up with trends.

“You see lots of different retailers trying new things out and what we want to do is make sure that we stay relevant. So before we continue rolling out more we just want to make sure that the format is relevant for future generations and for whatever is happening out there at the moment.”

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