North East pub group solves clogged kitchen sinks with Mechline strainer trial

Mechline food waste strainer

A unique food waste strainer for commercial kitchen sinks has gone down a storm with a major pub group that has been trialling the unit in one of its busiest sites.

The Sir John Fitzgerald Pub Group, which has close to 20 sites in the North East, is already benefitting from the Mechline product, which was created to make it easy for kitchen staff to prevent food waste particles from entering the drainage system and prolong the service intervals of grease traps.

Adrian Watson, director of food at the chain, which also runs the Cafe Royal restaurant in Newcastle city centre, explained: “We’ve had it on trial it at our Ridley Arms site for three weeks and it’s made a real, noticeable difference. Before, we had a hard job keeping food out of the drainage system, with just a sink plug upstand that would become clogged and leave an unpleasant mess in the sink to clean.

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“But now, with the food waste strainer, it couldn’t be easier. We just rinse the food into the basket, take the basket out, empty it, replace it and voila. It’s simple, practical, effective – and a lot more hygienic.”

The strainer fits completely and securely into standard size commercial kitchen sink bowls, in order to capture food particles rinsed from dirty dishes and prevent them making their way into the drainage system.

Designed with a rubber seal edge and raised angles on the front end, it helps guide food particles into an integrated food waste basket, which can then easily be removed and emptied into the food waste digester, or food waste bin, as appropriate.

The whole system is easy to remove, enabling periodic cleaning through the dishwasher, which helps staff maintain good hygiene practice.

Mechline said that its combined grease management system, BioCeptor, can be used in conjunction with the food waste strainer to create a highly effective drain maintenance system, which does not require emptying as often as traditional standalone grease traps.

By reducing the build-up of food waste sediment in the drainage system and in grease traps, it aims to reduce service costs for operators.

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