North Yorkshire Council tightens up kitchen safety with new equipment for over 300 schools

Wrapmaster 3000

North Yorkshire County Council has moved to ensure its kitchens are as safe as they possibly can be by rolling out a professional packaging dispensing system across 25 secondary schools and 298 primary schools.

The council has partnered with Cofresco Foodservice to introduce the Wrapmaster system, which safely dispenses cling film, foil and baking parchment.

With 42,000 meals served daily, the affiliation is part of the council’s strict policies on hygiene and food safety, as well as its ongoing commitment to pupil welfare and allergies.

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Joanne Simpson, area manager for North Yorkshire County Council, said: “Food Safety is a top priority and we were keen to source new products that will help us to maintain the high standards we have in our kitchens, ensure we provide the very best levels of food safety and meet the needs of individual pupils.

“We recognise that some more traditional packaging options can deteriorate over time, which can lead to the possibility of cross-contamination happening and this is simply not an option for us. “

Wrapmaster has a concealed blade for safe, speedy cutting and is robust and shatter resistant. It is also easy to wipe clean during service, and can be easily disinfected in a commercial dishwasher to minimise cross-contamination, as well as help keep kitchens hygienic.

Mrs Simpson added: “Wrapmaster provides a solution to minimising the risk of cross-contamination and helps us to ensure that we are always able to work in an environment that meets the needs of pupils and their welfare. The catering team are delighted with the new system; the dispensers are easy to use, keep clean and can be put in the dishwasher – we have rolled them out in just two months across all of our schools and the feedback is very positive.”

Every school in North Yorkshire now has a Wrapmaster in its kitchen, with the catering teams using the Wrapmaster 4500 to dispense 45cm cling film and foil and the smaller Wrapmaster 3000 for baking parchment.

Wrapmaster is part of Cofresco Foodservice, a division of Melitta UK.

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