Nuova Simonelli unleashes the most advanced espresso machine it has ever designed

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave espresso machine

Nuova Simonelli has officially launched the Aurelia Wave, an espresso machine that it describes as the “most advanced” it has ever designed.

Alongside its ergonomic design, the new machine utilises new technologies to give more control to baristas than ever before and stop problems before they happen.

The Wave introduces a new milestone in extraction science in the form of patented Pulse-Jet technology. It optimises flowrate and water pressure during dispensing, letting baristas explore extraction profiles never tried before.

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The machine also features Nuova Simonelli’s T3 technology, bringing complete temperature stability and control to expert baristas. The primary boiler, group boiler and group head can have three independent temperature settings, ensuring water temperature is perfectly controlled throughout the entire extraction.

Additionally, the system features Smart Water Technology to analyse water quality entering the machine and Easycream Technology to deliver consistent velvety milk automatically.   

Will Kenney, business unit manager for traditional espresso machines at UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, said: “The Wave uses technology in ways never-before-seen in espresso machines. And what makes it so unique is how it houses this technology. Despite being one of the most advanced machines ever manufactured, the machine has been designed to keep energy consumption at a minimum, lowering its environmental impact.

“And, its ergonomic design is tailored around the most important part of every coffee machine – the barista. Service is faster, smoother, safer and more efficient, and with the combined capabilities of Pulse-Jet and T3 technology baristas can create coffees unlike any they’ve made before.”

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Nuova Simonell’s exclusive partnership with UCC Coffee in the UK and Ireland.

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  1. Hope it has a factory reset button, after the “barista” has programmed it into an impenetrable maze.
    IMHO The most important part of a coffee machine is the customer

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