‘One-stop’ digital water filtration portal launched for foodservice operators

3M water filtration portal

3M has launched a microsite dedicated to offering free expert advice about water filtration for businesses ranging from pubs and high-street restaurants to servicing companies.

The company’s one-stop portal is designed to help companies save money and improve the quality of food and drink through water filtration.

The site offers ‘easy-to-follow’ videos and informational brochures covering the benefits of water filtration and points to consider when selecting devices.

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To ensure that the information is as relevant and focused as possible, the company has produced two separate versions of each set of materials.

3M application engineer, Oliver Rudman, said: “Pubs and high-street restaurants are increasingly recognising the benefits of water filtration and investing in this technology. As a result, servicing companies are also focusing heavily on their offering in this area.

“However, with such a wide range of options available, it can sometimes be difficult for these businesses to know which will best suit their particular needs, and what they need to consider when selecting water filtration solutions.

The first versions are tailored to pub and high-street restaurant owners and equipment managers and the second are aimed towards servicing company professionals.

Visitors to the webpage can contact an expert from 3M to ask questions about any aspect of water filtration, including queries specific to their workplace.

“Much of the information that is readily available is quite general. This can mean that busy professionals have to spend a long time sifting through materials that aren’t completely relevant to them. We wanted to provide tailored advice for different industry professionals, in order to make our content as clear and relevant as possible to various audiences.”

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