Open kitchen design ‘reassures customers’, insists TGI Fridays boss

An open kitchen design can reassure customers that meals are produced fresh at a restaurant where there is a large menu.

That’s the advice of TGI Fridays CEO Karen Forrester, who says that one of the reasons the brand moved to an open kitchen design was so that guests could see that chefs cooked from scratch.

Forrester explained how the brand now has 66 menu items, down from around 80 a few years before. Guests do not believe everything on an expansive menu can be cooked from fresh, she says, and so TGI Fridays has endeavoured to reduce its menu size.

This also has the benefit of being able to make fewer items to a higher standard of quality.

Forrester recently led a nationwide drive to introduce new kitchen initiatives aimed at overhauling kitchen practice to improve the brand’s figures.

The CEO admitted that reducing the menu has been a challenge but went on to say: “We do endeavour to continue to reduce the size so that we do fewer things brilliantly.”

This week we revealed how new kitchen initiatives implemented at all of TGI Fridays’ sites have turned the brand’s fortunes around.




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