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Compass Group’s healthcare catering division specialises in supporting hospitals both within the public and private sectors. FEJ caught up with the company’s healthcare marketing director, Kevin Hall, to find out how he sees the business developing.

What are the main trends that you see when it comes to foodservice and the UK healthcare sector?

We aim to work with our clients to enhance the patient experience. We see all the Trusts we work with aiming for a high quality experience for the patients, visitors and their colleagues. We’re also seeing more hospitals wanting to offer choice. The growth of retail and high street brands as a general trend means we’re also looking at these increasing in popularity in hospitals, too. Our ‘Steamplicity’ system is a good example of how we’re meeting the demand for choice — as patients can choose from a varied menu on a daily basis.

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Do you see changes in the way that food is cooked and prepared in the healthcare sector?

We work with hospitals to ensure that health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our offering. This is, of course, a primary concern for our clients, which is why our Steamplicity offer has been so well-received. Steamplicity is a unique, simple and nutritious cooking method that uses a combination of steam and pressure to deliver superior, fresh, wholesome food. The secret is the special patented steam-release valve, which keeps the internal pressure and temperature constant throughout the cooking process.

The secret is the special patented steam-release valve, which keeps the internal pressure and temperature constant throughout the cooking process”

How does the system work?

It works like a mini pressure cooker so that food doesn’t lose its nutrition. The system helps reduce waste, delivers excellent value and achieves great patient satisfaction results. All the meals are also nutritionally analysed and cover a range of dishes that have been specifically developed for patient catering in hospitals.

What equipment is most pertinent to the healthcare sector?

Many clients see space as an issue, so whenever foodservice technology can release space this is seen as a genuine benefit. Using Steamplicity, an organisation can reduce energy, space, and food and packaging waste while delivering more choice and options to those eating the food. One of the biggest challenges is the need to support our healthcare clients in delivering increased efficiencies, while staying focused on maintaining high service standards and how we can further improve the patient experience. Therefore, we strive to continually understand the issues facing healthcare with the aim of pioneering solutions for our clients.

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