Operators trialling new Synergy oven vow to replace old chargrills after seeing results

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“Several leading” foodservice operators picked to trial Synergy Grill’s new ‘CharGo’ oven hybrid oven have told the manufacturer the unit has exceeded their expectations so much they are now considering chain-wide roll-outs.

Synergy hasn’t named the groups involved in the test, but claims they have discussed the prospect of replacing their current chargrills with the system after seeing the results.

The CharGo combines the key features of Synergy’s flagship grill with the most desired features of a commercial oven in a single unit footprint.

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Richard Ebbs, commercial and marketing director at Synergy Grill Technology, said it can steam, smoke, slow-cook and grill any desired food item to perfection.

“As such, operators no longer need to invest in a separate oven and grill in order to execute a versatile menu, which will help operators minimise their costs and save valuable kitchen space,” he added.

Synergy is pitching the product line as a cost-effective alternative to chargrills and charcoal ovens. The CharGo requires no charcoal and uses up to 72% less gas than a standard chargrill due to its unique lid and temperature control, the company claims.

It adds that this efficient retention of heat also allows operators to significantly slash production times, in some cases cooking products in half the time of a standard chargrill.

Justin Cadbury, chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, said: “By incorporating our patented, fat-atomising technology into Synergy’s CharGo, operators will not only be able to expand their menus, reduce their energy consumption and speed up cooking times, but they will also be able to improve food quality like no other.

“This is because Synergy’s fat atomising technology ensures that any moisture that is initially lost from the food is gently penetrated back into the food for a perfect texture and taste.

“This atomisation process also completely eradicates the need for a fat tray, and therefore, removes the historically strenuous task of cleaning, along with the environmentally damaging disposal of waste fat. This is a serious uplift to restaurant cooking technology that represents the future of commercial kitchens.”

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