OPINION: Are you getting the most out of your coffee machine?

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You’ve invested in the perfect coffee machine for your site, but are you getting the most out of it? Knowing how to identify and manage day-to-day inefficiencies will have a big impact on the commercial opportunity your machine provides, writes Gareth Davies at UCC Coffee.

Coffee machines, if you use them in the right way and look after them, are one of the best investments you’ll make. Operators spend a long time deciding which machine is right for them — considering productivity, capacity, size and the skills of their employees. But, once you’ve got it installed you need to ask yourself, ‘am I getting the most out of my machine?’ 

Inefficiency is the killer of your coffee’s commercial opportunity. Stopping inefficiency won’t make you money, but it will stop you from losing it. So, it makes sense to have a smart coffee offer, where you tackle any and all inefficiencies. For machines, there are a range of potential inefficiencies to consider:

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• Location: Is your machine in the right place to make service as quick as possible and keep customer engagement high?

• Cleanliness: Are you keeping your machine in a perfect state to guarantee a professional appearance and quality final product?

• Results: Does your team know the machine well enough to get the most out of it and produce the finest coffee, consistently?

It might sound simple, but putting your machine in the right place means your baristas will waste less time moving around during service, giving them more time to engage with customers and sell coffee.

A clean machine, used in the right way, looks the part and keeps quality consistent throughout the day, so you’ll never risk losing a customer because of one bad drink.

Getting these simple things right, and having a smart site set-up, can directly impact your bottom line — your coffee will be better, you won’t lose customers and you’ll sell more drinks.

And being smart with your machine is just the start — ensuring you have enough stock for service, having a logical flow of coffee creation from order to hand-over and even the order you put the ingredients in to the cup can also affect performance.

But, every site and every customer is different, so the only way to guarantee a smart offer is to tailor it around your needs.

We’ve developed Coffee Works, a unique approach to training that helps foodservice operators identify any inefficiencies and tailors practical training to remove them.

Our team use an ‘opportunity calculator’ on-site, which estimates the profit potential for a customer at scale, if inefficiencies were removed. In short, Coffee Works will help you make the most out of your machine, workspace and your coffee offer’s full commercial opportunity.

Gareth Davies is head of coffee excellence at UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, a leading provider of coffee solutions and coffee machines.

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