Oxford University college dumps kitchen wheelie bins after Garbage Guzzler success

A Oxford University college has dramatically slashed kitchen waste after successfully trialling and then implementing PLK’s ‘Garbage Guzzler’ waste management unit.

Mansfield College, which produces more than 500 meals a day for its staff, students and visitors, installed the equipment in April in a bid to trim its food waste and carbon footprint.

The GG400 Garbage Guzzler, an onsite aerobic food waste digester capable of reducing food waste by up to 90%, was trialled for three months before the college cancelled its food waste collection service.

The Garbage Guzzler uses bacteria to help speed up the digestion process and rarely needed emptying during the three-month period. Prior to the system the college was filling two wheelie bins per week.

When the unit require emptying the college is looking to repurpose the remains as nitrate-rich soil improver around the campus grounds. The college staff also noticed there were less vermin problems with the sealed Garbage Guzzler.

Lee Browning, kitchen manager at Mansfield College, said the equipment offered an opportunity to reduce the amount of food waste being collected from site and it was delighted with the results.

“It’s been brilliant,” he said. “It’s the easiest machine to use in the world. You open the top, put in the food and hit the button to set it going. It couldn’t be simpler.”

PKL chief executive, Lee Vines, said: “We know that the Garbage Guzzler can make a big difference to the carbon footprint of organisations, whilst also producing useful compost or biofuel and reducing costs. We are delighted that Mansfield College have been so pleased with their machine.”




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