Panasonic insists operators no longer have to be embarrassed by their microwave

Panasonic control panel

Panasonic believes its new NE-1878 microwave – the first to feature an all-metal door instead of a glass window – could prove a hit with open kitchens that are eager to conceal the fact they are using microwave technology.

The manufacturer has claimed a ‘world first’ with the design of the appliance and is adamant its understated appearance will be well-received by the market.

Sales and marketing manager, Iain Phillips, said Panasonic is hoping it will change perceptions of the “much-maligned” microwave. 

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“The recent trend for open kitchens has seen some of our group operators build cupboards around their microwaves or position them under counters to hide them from the view of customers, such is the negative perception that they carry,” he told FEJ.

“The new NE-1878 will appear to consumers as just another item of commercial catering equipment, no different to anything they might see in a coffee chain on the back counter.”

Mr Phillips said the brand has already secured a lot of interest from operators for the design of the system, while he expects the inverter technology that it incorporates to spark further demand.

“The technology was invented by Panasonic several years ago, but it has been limited to domestic ovens until now,” he said. “The advantages that it brings to operators will change the way they use microwaves; the inverter in the new NE-1878 means the oven is 12kg lighter compared to its predecessor, will attract lower shipping costs and is easier to manoeuvre for cleaning. It cooks more gently, more consistently and is more reliable, as well as using less energy.”

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