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There are few providers that can cater for all elements of hot holding, and even fewer that can boast UK manufacturing in a carbon neural facility. Parry is one such provider with a broad enough offering to cater for the journey with its routes from kitchen to table.

Table service solutions

Table service typically utilises hot pass units that are located back of house in the kitchen and see the server transport plated meals directly to the table, keeping food warm should there be any delay in service.

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There are plentiful configurations for hot pass units, from plain top hot cupboards to bain marie units, half bain marie units and custom fabricated solutions, specifically designed to meet the specifications of each kitchen.

Once you add in the option to add doors on both sides of the units, it’s really easy to make a configuration to suit every budget and application.

Parry’s range of hot cupboard base units are available between 1200mm and 1800mm wide as standard but its bespoke team can fabricate almost any size.

Whether you request shelves or chef racks, you can have them ambient or heated up to 3 tiers as standard and the options for bespoke are almost unlimited.

Parry has even produced a 4 tier ceiling mounted rack with 4 shelves — 2 tiers being heated, one being ambient and a garnish rail. Your imagination really is the limit.

High volume and event catering

Parry’s answer to the event catering challenge is a range of high capacity banqueting trolleys.

With single and double configurations available, holding up to forty 65mm 1/1 gastronorm pans or 160 ten-inch plates, Parry’s mobile catering equipment can cater for the largest of functions.

These easy-to-move mobile units come fitted with push-pull handles as standard and run on standard 3 pin plugs for convenience, no matter the location.

The shelf runner system is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of gastronorm pan depths with wire racks also available for plated meals. Added to this is to the double skin insulating sides that improve efficiency and ensure the food is kept at temperature while keeping the outer skin temperature low to protect those around the unit.

Because the banqueting trolleys are thermostatically controlled and fan assisted, they are built for purpose and are heavy duty enough to withstand the rigours of everyday catering life.

Flexibility, style and food presentation

Counter service solutions are where Flexi-Serve comes into its own. Bridging the gap between traditional mobile and fixed counters, Flexi-Serve has been engineered to meet the needs of the modern caterer.

Changing food trends and increased competition for market share calls for ever more flexible and innovative solutions to help operators ensure they present a visually desirable, competitive service.

Flexi-Serve’s stylish square glass gantry designs not only provide a clean, modern aesthetic but more crucially they place an emphasis on food presentation and therefore sales opportunities.

Space restrictions mean multi-purpose service areas are becoming more common, a key reason for the modular nature of the Flexi-Serve units.

By utilising a common design across a range of module types and sizes, caterers can easily adapt their layout or add additional modules according to their changing requirements.

This can be done quickly by the operator and cost-effectively compared to alterations to traditional bespoke counters while still offering the look of a fully-fitted unit.

Another key element of the design was to create a system of interchangeable panels allowing operators to quickly and easily change the overall look, maintaining a fresh appearance for years to come.

It really is as simple as unscrewing a few hex key bolts and sliding in the new panel. The branding is then changed in a matter of minutes.

Through an exclusive partnership with graphical market leaders 3M, Parry can offer Flexi-Serve in hundreds of textured finishes as well as with bespoke printed graphics where corporate logos or branding are required.

Not only does this make the unit stand out visually but it also extends the usable life of the unit.

Reduced power consumption

As well as the flexibility, style and practicality of the Flexi-Serve range, Parry recognised the importance of the need for caterers to minimise power consumption.

Through features such as low power LED gantry lights and an efficient fan assisted hot cupboard system, all Flexi-Serve units have been designed to run on a single 13amp plug each, where possible.

This not only helps reduce operating costs compared to previous models but also allows Flexi-Serve units to be used in catering locations where onsite power is limited.

Low power usage continues to be a driving force for future Flexi-Serve product development with energy efficient hydrocarbon refrigerated and induction variants set to be introduced shortly.

Reduced environmental impact

Looking beyond power usage, the environmental credentials of the supply chain are an often overlooked but key factor in establishing the overall impact of a product on the environment.

All Flexi-Serve units are built in Parry’s dedicated carbon neutral manufacturing facility in Derbyshire and engineered to use less raw materials in their construction.

The factory’s central positioning in the Midlands also ensures minimal travel time is required for each unit to reach its desired location, further reducing the emissions associated with transportation.

For demanding applications where more power is required, Parry will shortly be introducing a range of high power bain marie units designed to work as dry or wet well and running on a one phase connection.

This range will further expand the choices available to meet operators’ service styles.

All this adds up to a flexible, cost-effective range of units with a minimised carbon footprint, which is what makes Flexi-Serve a game changer in the mobile servery market.

Since its launch, Flexi-Serve has received universal praise from customers and competitors alike.

The majority of comments centred around the look and flexibility of the units and their numerous configuration permutations.

Critical acclaim is always good to hear but the proof is in the pudding and, with Parry having now received orders for a number of projects, it seems the market has spoken.

Flexi-Serve is available in a wide selection of standard sizes and can be quickly delivered from stock, with bespoke units also available to operators on request.

More information on Parry can be found on its website at or by contacting it directly on 01332 872321

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