Pizza press takes the pain out of prep work for busy kitchens

Operators looking to simplify the production of pizzas can now do so with the Zanolli pizza press, which has been launched in the UK through Cater-Bake.

The appliance, which is aimed at pizza chains and Italian restaurants, bids to help operators increase output by automating the traditional work of pizza makers.

It can produce 400 perfectly round pizza bases per hour, saving important time for any workforce.

With two models available, the pizza press comes with either a 13 inch or 18 inch plate, allowing operators to create the right kind of pizza to suit their menu offering, with both models using 3.55Kw and 5.55Kw of power respectively.

The heated elements built into the press mould the pizza dough uniformly without the need for skilled staff, while the plates are coated in a non-stick material to prevent the dough from sticking.

Using thermostats on the top and bottom to control the heat and a timer which regulates the compression time, the plate gently heated the dough to reduce its elasticity.

The appliance comes with the option of a bevelled plate to produce a raised crust.




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