Police informed of death threats against chef embroiled in vegan ‘spiking’ row

A chef has reported death threats made against her to the police following a huge backlash over claims she “spiked” a vegan customer’s food.

Laura Goodman, co-owner of Italian restaurant Carlini in Shropshire, found herself at the centre of national newspaper headlines this week after writing in a Facebook group that a “pious, judgemental vegan” had gone to bed “still believing she’s a vegan”.

Her actions have been branded “disgusting” and “unprofessional” by online posters, while the restaurant has received dozens of one-star reviews since the comments on 30 December, according to The Independent.

The chef has since apologised for her comments, insisting no meat products were added. However, it hasn’t stopped Shropshire Council’s regulatory services department from investigating the matter after it received complaints.

Michael Gale, co-owner of Carlini, also denied Ms Goodman meant she had given meat to any vegans, the paper said.

He told the Express and Star: “We appreciate the outrage Laura’s ill-judged comment on social media has caused and would like to apologise for what it insinuated.

“She had spent a lot of time designing a special vegan menu for a party, who then decided to choose something from the existing menu – one meal of which was a cheese-based pizza, which isn’t vegan friendly. This is what she meant by the Facebook comment. In no way does this excuse the comment and we totally understand the anger it has subsequently caused.

“However, we want to assure everyone that the meals were all prepared to our usual high standards and in accordance with the Food Standards Agency. No meat was used in any of the dishes.”

Mr Gale said she had received death threats, which had been reported to the police.




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