‘Posh kebab’ chain unveils plans for expansion

A Sunderland restaurant group is vowing to blaze a culinary trail by elevating the humble kebab to new, gourmet heights.

Traditionally known as the food of choice for those who have had an evening of heavy drinking, Bavava is aiming to start a new food craze by launching what it hopes will become a standalone chain.

Its former Papadoms site at High Street West will be the first to be transformed into a ‘Döner Haüs’ eatery, with the company aiming to open more.

“In the last few years burgers have become virtually a fine dining offering because the quality has improved so much,” said Nathan Alexander, brand development manager at Bavava.

“And this is now what we intend to do with kebabs, which really will bear no resemblance to those that people eat on the way home after a night out.”

Alexander and his team have travelled regularly to Berlin to discover the market and how kebabs are considered a staple food any time of day in Germany.

“The kebabs we ate in Berlin were incredible and that’s what we intend to bring to Sunderland,” he said. “At the same time we’ll also be bringing a range of amazing German beers so it will be a real dining experience with a difference.”

Bavava is already working on a programme of rapid growth, with a branch of Papadoms due to open in Bradford and both brands launching in Glasgow by June.