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FEJ POWER LIST 2018: Market Movers

FEJ POWER LIST 2018: Market Movers

The ‘Market Movers’ category honours a selection of the individuals and operators that are making their mark in the industry. Some of these stand-out performers are established chains that have demonstrated how a clear focus on kitchen investment can deliver impressive results, while others are budding stars with a bright future in the UK foodservice

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Saiphin Moore, Founder & Chef, Rosa’s Thai Cafe

The last 12 months have been among the most exciting that Rosa’s Thai Cafe has known following the sale of a majority stake in the business to global private equity firm TriSpan, which counts former YO! Sushi chief Robin Rowland as an operating partner. It made Rosa its latest investment after being impressed by the

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Warren Geraghty, Culinary Director, Rhubarb

Warren Geraghty switched to the contract catering side of the market this year when he left his post as group executive chef at Galvin Restaurants to join Rhubarb. As culinary director of the firm, he is leading all of the kitchen teams across its business and maintains responsibility for a number of key functions that

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Robin Clark, Director of Business Partnerships & Restaurant Services, Just Eat

The third party food delivery aggregators are having a massive impact on the way that restaurants are running their operations and adapting their kitchens, and Just Eat is certainly among the companies at the very vanguard of that. The company, which works with 30,000 restaurants, has been rapidly expanding the services and products it provides

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Caleb Merkl, Vice-President, Deliveroo Editions

There are few organisations in the industry driving kitchen uptake to the extent that Deliveroo is right now courtesy of its ‘Editions’ programme, which provides a platform for restaurant partners to ramp up delivery sales and grow new markets. Earlier this year, the company set up a £5m ‘innovation fund’ with the express purpose of

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Tom Mullin, Executive Chef, Pizza Pilgrims

With a long-held mission statement to serve the best Neapolitan pizza on the market, Pizza Pilgrims is always on the hunt to find new ways of giving itself a competitive edge in what has become a fashionable sector. This year has seen the chain embrace new technology and applications to run its kitchens more efficiently

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Nathan Evans, Kitchen Skills Manager, S.A. Brain & Co

It is an exciting time for S.A. Brain & Co, Wales’ largest brewer and hospitality company, as it increasingly places the kitchen at the heart of its strategy. Kitchen skills manager Nathan Evans is involved in all aspects of the operation, with his diverse role spanning catering equipment, kitchen ergonomics and operational efficiencies.  “It means

POWER LIST 2018, MARKET MOVERS: Arnaud Kaziewicz, Executive Chef, EAT

British food-to-go chain EAT made a serious statement about its commitment to developing its menu proposition when it appointed Arnaud Kaziewicz as executive chef this year. The French-born culinary expert, who made it as a finalist on TV’s MasterChef, has brought plenty of vigour and creativity to the role.  His wealth of culinary knowledge, global