Precision trims down running costs of its fridges to £50 a year

Precision Refrigeration says that improvements made to its products following the introduction of energy labelling legislation means its fridges now cost as little as £50 a year to run.

The company has redesigned its cabinets to conform with the European EcoDesign Energy Labelling Standard, which came into force in July.

And it says the impact on running costs has been huge. b5b6dfc819147c7a_org

It claims the MPT601 cabinet (pictured right) only uses 1.25kWh/24hr under EcoDesign test conditions, which equates to running costs of £50.19 a year, based on energy price of £0.11/kW.

Precision said the use of the R290 hydrocarbon refrigeration system has also enhanced the energy efficiency credentials of the equipment.

Further energy saving is achieved through a new thermal break bridging the gap between the cold interior cabinet walls and the exterior shell.

This new design eliminates the need for an electric heater, which is commonly used to avoid condensation around the door frame, thus saving energy and removing a component with the potential to fail, according to Precision.




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