Prep and Testo form alliance to extend frying oil lifespan

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A high performance frying oil brand has teamed with a group of food safety and testing experts in a bid to increase the life of frying oil.

As part of the partnership, oil brand Prep is using an award-winning unit, the Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester, in its oil management training, and is offering the product to foodservice customers across the UK.

The Testo Cooking Oil Tester works by testing the percentage levels of total polar material (TPM) in the frying oil. TPM builds up in the oil during regular use, and measuring these levels is one of the most reliable and accurate measures of oil quality and cleanliness of frying oil.

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Ashton Baylis, Testo product manager, said: “It’s impossible to know when frying oil needs changing simply by looking at it, it needs to be tested regularly.”

The Testo 270, which enables users to determine whether oil needs changing within seconds, is designed to guarantee consistent cooking results, whilst saving customers time, effort and money on unnecessary changes.

Olivia Shuttleworth, Prep brand manager, added: “When looked after and managed effectively, Prep long life oils last up to three times longer than standard, extended life oils, and regular testing is integral to effective oil management.”

“The Testo 270 is a quick, effective way for customers to check their Prep oil, ensuring they get maximum lifespan from every change.”

Baylis added: “The Testo 270 is quick and easy to use, accurately measuring the percentage of TPM in the oil in a few seconds. It provides clear notifications to kitchen teams, so they know when it’s time to make a change. Over time, this can help to reduce oil consumption by up to 20%, whilst guaranteeing you are cooking with clean, effective oil.”

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