Pret chefs get to work as it confirms vegetarian-only store to launch in June

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Pret A Manger will convert an existing Soho shop into a vegetarian only pop-up this June as part of its recently launched ‘Not Just For Veggies’ campaign and.

The ‘call to arms’ marketing campaign highlights that not only vegetarians can enjoy eating meat-free foods and is a response to a social media poll carried out by the high-street sandwich chain last year in which 44% of over 10,000 customers voted for an exclusively vegetarian shop.

CEO Clive Schlee explained that the month long trial is designed to both “challenge our chefs to come up with delicious veggie and vegan food and to ask our customers what they think should end up on Pret’s shelves permanently.”

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Pret first began exploring the idea of a vegetarian-only store last summer, as revealed by FEJ HERE.

According to Schlee, the “chefs are working hard to replace over 40 meat and fish dishes with new and exciting ingredients” which will involve many “hours of testing and lots of patience from our loyal suppliers.”

The meat-free options available to customers during the campaign will include new additions such as the Chana Chaat Flat Bread, a vegan Red Tapenade & Avo SuperBowl salad and a Mushroom & Avocado Sushi Salad. Pret will be asking customers for feedback on the new recipes.

A drop in takings is expected at the Soho shop during the trial month but Schlee says that “the pop-up will signal that Pret is serious about providing veggie and vegan options”, will help customers to include “meat-free options” into their diets and that the process may even lead to Pret finding its next bestseller.

“My neighbour is 10 years older than me and he tells me that the older you get, the more interest you take in how food makes you feel after you’ve finished eating it. He’s absolutely right,” he concluded.

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