‘Principals of foodservice’ scheme launched for kitchen industry newcomers

The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association has unveiled a new education initiative designed to attract and support people entering the foodservice industry.

‘Principals of Foodservice’, or ‘PFS’ has been created to explain how the industry works and gives newcomers real insight and a solid start in their new career.

The content can be delivered by graduates of the Certified Foodservice Professionals (CFSP) scheme and is equally suited to foodservice operator companies and the supply chain.

Based around a slide presentation, PFS delivers the fundamentals of foodservice and is designed to be easily adapted to suit the audience.

CESA revealed the new initiative at the first ever CFSP Enhance seminar, which recently took place in Staffordshire and was attended by 80 CFSP graduates.

CFSP Enhance is designed to build on the knowledge gained through the CFSP programme, bringing graduates up to speed on the latest industry issues. The key presentation was led by foodservice consultant Doug Fryett, who covered areas as diverse as warranties and food waste.

He also touched on topics including FOG (fats, oil and grease), legal requirements for gas and electricity, and the pains of running a foodservice operation.




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