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Commercial fryers have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing operators to improve food quality, boost efficiency and save on oil usage. FEJ picks out some of the best fryers around and reveals what sets them apart.

Frymaster FQE30U FilterQuick

Frymaster’s FQE30U electric fryers are the ultimate oil-conserving, high-performance fryers. As operators are pressured to do more with less, the FQE30U electric fryers help improve profit margins with labour and energy-saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives, safeguard workers, and move towards healthier eating.

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The Frymaster FQE30U FilterQuick boasts a 15-litre open-pot design. This deep-sized pot not only allows operators to fry a vast capacity of food items at once, but the unique design also requires 40% less oil for frying, plus uses 10% less energy and waste than similar competitor models.

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Due to the high capacity potential of this easy-to-use unit, the Frymaster FQE30U FilterQuick is perfectly suited to venues with a large frying menu, such as restaurants and fast food outlets.

Henny Penny Evolution Elite

The Henny Penny Evolution Elite series takes frying to a whole new level of quality, simplicity and cost management and has set the standard for open fryers. Innovative filtering and oil level technology extends oil life, improves product quality and reduces overall oil consumption and costs.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the range, with the iControl feature offering 40 programmable cook cycles, with 10 live at any one time.

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The advanced features, efficiency and innovative reduced oil technology of the Henny Penny Evolution Elite series allows chefs to cook the same amount of food in 40% less oil than a traditional high volume fryer. This can equate to significant savings for operators, especially for chains and multi-site restaurants.

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Any operator frying large volumes of food will benefit from the consistent quality, control and reduced oil consumption that the Evolution Elite range offers. In fact, the Evolution Elite is already the fryer of choice for some of the biggest QSR and casual dining chains.

Valentine Evo 2525TVCLP

The Evo 2525TVCLP twin-pan automatic fryer has four pre-programmable buttons per basket ensuring the correct temperature is reached before food is lowered into the oil. It offers turbo power for quicker heat recovery and allows additional time for larger loads.

When cooking is complete the baskets will lift automatically for draining. An inbuilt pumped oil filtration system reduces oil consumption by up to 40%, while four password-protected pre-set programmes per pan provide consistent cooking results every time.

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The Evo 2525TVCLP does all the work for operators by simplifying the cooking process and providing a more precise and less labour-intensive way of cooking and after-service cleaning.

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Suitable for any busy, high volume site to improve food quality, reduce labour costs and increase profits due to the reduction in oil use and less food wastage. Pubs, fast food outlets, multi-site restaurants and branded restaurant chains all stand to benefit.

Falcon G3845

Falcon’s Dominator Plus twin pan gas fryer offers caterers flexibility, high performance and efficiency, while saving space, running costs and energy. The pans are independently controlled so operators can save money and oil by only using one pan during quieter periods.

Caterers can also meet specific dietary requirements, with the twin pans offering the ability to use a different cooking medium than that used for standard menu items. A model variant with filtration built in is also available.

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Each pan holds 12.8 litres of oil and is powered by an 11.4kW burner, resulting in fast heat-up and recovery times, with a total output of 34kg of chips per hour.

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At only 450mm wide, the slimline G3845 is ideal for any kitchen that requires Falcon performance and cooking confidence in a space-saving format.

Blue Seal GT46

The Blue Seal Evolution GT46 gas fryer uses a patented ‘V’Ray’ infra-red burner system. It radiates the heat into the tank, only heating the area of oil that the baskets are sitting in. The design of the fryer promotes incredibly fast recovery rates and high efficiency for limited fuel consumption.

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GT46 fryers have twin independently controlled tanks, enabling the operator to cook at different temperatures, as well as separating products for dietary or allergen purposes. The true cool zone prevents crumb and food debris that drops below the batter plates from continuous cooking and carbonising, which in turn helps prevent the degrading of oil quality.

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The Blue Seal Evolution GT46 gas fryer is ideal for establishments looking for an effective and efficient fryer that can support a smooth service and which want the flexibility that a dual tank system offers.

Perfect Fry Ventless PFA7201

The Perfect Fry PFA7201 from Middleby allows businesses to easily cook hot food throughout the day without the need for extraction. The fully automatic version simply requires operators to place the frozen food into the top tray, select a setting and press start. Food is dispensed from the bottom when it is cooked, while an integrated heater lamp keeps items hot.

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The PFA series deep fryers minimise staffing requirements and preparation time while maximising cooking capacity and efficiency, all in only 17 linear inches of counterspace.

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The unit is suitable for petrol station forecourts, motorway service stations, bakeries and cinemas that require a compact ventless solution capable of cooking up to 40kg of food per hour.


FiltaFry is a unique fryer management and cooking oil filtration service, which can save time, reduce costs and radically improve the quality of cooking oil for operators.

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The most important feature of FiltaFry is its speed. It takes around 20 minutes to complete the process, including filtering the oil at cooking temperature and administering a vacuum-based clean of the fryer, with no need to wait for the oil to cool down and heat back up. It ensures better quality oil and food with minimum kitchen disruption.

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FiltaFry is the complete solution for any catering operation that uses fryers, from pubs and casual dining to QSRs.

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